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Therapeutic Massage – nourish the mind and body!

Every therapeutic massage technique is performed with utmost attention

If you are someone who has stricken an injury and needs therapeutic massage regularly, then you have come to the right place. We are Dee Sickles LMT /aka Divinely Nurturing Therapeutic Medical Massage and can assist you dealing with this struggle. We have the right massage therapist for your recovery needs. We have been offering quality therapeutic massage service for the last 14 years, and we are located in the Flagstaff AZ area.

Therapeutic Massage in Flagstaff AZ by appointmentWe specialize in massage therapy that gets effects using both Western and Eastern styles of bodywork. This is one of the many reasons that set us apart and help our clients get the most out of their treatments.

At Dee Sickles LMT /aka Divinely Nurturing Therapeutic Medical Massage, we believe in offering the most professional and experienced alternative therapeutic massages and health services. As our customers count on the experience our massage therapists have and expect excellence they continue to come back to us.

A wide variety of traditional and holistic massage methods are well known from our highly trained staff. This includes acupressure methods, medical and deep tissue massage, and various types of holistic therapies. Everyone that comes to our local salon will be invited into a safe occupational atmosphere, will receive the most quality care possible and receive our highest quality standard of treatment.

Anyone can claim to practice massage therapy, but not everyone is skilled at giving truly therapeutic and deep tissue massages. We provide a wide range of holistic alternatives, massage and therapies work at Dee Sickles LMT /aka Divinely Nurturing Therapeutic Medical Massage. Our local Flagstaff AZ salon is geared to cater to our customers needs are for overall healing. Restoring physical health and clients satisfaction are our number one purpose, nothing less meets our quality standards at Dee Sickles LMT /aka Divinely Nurturing Therapeutic Medical Massage. Call us to schedule an appointment and to let the healing process begin.