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The Neuromuscular Massage Therapy That Will Set You Free!

Over the years, a lot of massage treatments have been developed by mankind. Some of them have been debunked as being inefficient, while others have retained respective admiration from specialists worldwide. Today, Dee Sickles LMT /aka Divinely Nurturing Therapeutic Medical Massage is here to introduce something else! We are a Flagstaff, AZ located salon that delivers an outstandingly efficient neuromuscular massage therapy. If you have been to too many experts but none of them have managed to alleviate your pain, we will be more than happy to do it. We will provide you with the reliable massage therapist you’re looking for!

Dee Sickles LMT /aka Divinely Nurturing Therapeutic Medical Massage is not your ordinary neuromuscular massage therapy provider. Our salon was established in 1994, with the idea of helping people with any chronic muscle and joint pain. If you wish to feel like yourself again, free of pain and being capable of enjoying yourself without being reminded of an annoying back pain, then we will definitely make it happen.

Naturally, our salon is licensed and certified, which means that we work only with the finest equipment and body-care products available on the market. We take our time to learning about the real condition of your body. Performing any type of neuromuscular massage requires the discovery of key points, in which daily stress can accumulate. By finding and stimulating those points with the help of all-natural products, you will discover that the pain will be diminished.

In addition to providing you with neuromuscular therapy, our massage salon can do so much more for you. Would you like to find out more about other types of massages we perform? If you do, then don’t hesitate and give us a call at the phone number listed below or send us your massage questions via the provided contact form. Give us the chance to show you what we can do for you, and you will be more than happy you did!

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