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The Differences between the Two Explained by an Experienced Massage Therapist

There are many similarities between the two types of therapies. Even an amateur can tell by looking at the two that they are pretty closely related. However, if you visit the website of a massage therapist, you may notice that they are two different services. As an experienced massage therapist, I have decided to help people understand the differences better. Here is what makes the two techniques so similar.

  • For starters, both procedures work with muscles and connective tissue. That means the entire musculoskeletal system. So, whether you choose one technique or the other, you are bound to get a good muscle treatment because both therapies affect the deeper areas of the muscles. Such massage procedures help promote better muscle health. The tissue regenerates faster, doesn’t hurt after a training, and prepares the muscles for action. By keeping the muscle fit, you make it more efficient and more resistant to traumas.
  • When considering the differences, there are several things that come to mind. One of the differences is how the patient participates in the therapy session. Sports massage, for example, requires warming up exercises and stretching. On the other hand, deep tissue massage requires a bit of moving around. The massage therapist will most likely rearrange your limbs in various positions. This is done in order for the therapist to be able to access the deeper layer of certain muscles.
  • When muscles don’t get enough exercise, they become shorter and can influence the posture of the body. On the contrary, regular exercise in combination with proper massage therapy can do wonders for your body. While sports massage is meant for keeping the muscles of athletes from deterioration and too much stress, deep tissue massage can be used for a wider variety of purposes. It can be used for healing traumas, keeping muscles fit, fixing posture problems, relieving pain, and so on.

Neither of the two procedures is relaxing and restful. They are both pretty active and require the attention and assistance of the patient. So, don’t expect to rest on your face and enjoy it. You may have to strain your muscles and stretch too. So, if you ever need a reliable therapist, then don’t hesitate to give Dee Sickles LMT /aka Divinely Nurturing Therapeutic Medical Massage of Flagstaff, AZ a call at (928) 212-8094!