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Whenever you engage a physical activity of any type, whether it is a little walk or a strenuous jogging in Flagstaff AZ, you are practically injuring your muscles. The more you engage in intense physical activity, the more serious and deeper these injuries become. If you feel tired and sore after exercising, weight lifting or from just walking in Flagstaff AZ, let us help relieve your aching muscles with an efficient deep massage. Dee Sickles LMT /aka Divinely Nurturing Therapeutic Medical Massage specialize in deep tissue massage, an extremely famous therapeutic method which integrates a time-tested massage technique and aromatherapy that gets deep into the muscles to relieve even the most insufferable of pains and aches.

Appoint a deep tissue massage in Flagstaff AZOur deep massage methods and techniques not only help physical recovery, but, in combination with valuable botanical extracts, also help in relieving stress and promoting overall wellness and health around Flagstaff AZ. Combining penetrating and slow massage techniques with invigorating and intense strokes allows deep tissue massage to release tension as well as assist in a more thorough recovery of permanent muscle injuries. It is also perfect for people who suffer from back pain and joint pains, as this kind of profound massage easily relieves and soothes even nagging pain associated with diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis.

Dee Sickles LMT /aka Divinely Nurturing Therapeutic Medical Massage located at Flagstaff AZ, an easily accessible area that is open every day. Our therapeutic center has a variety of massage therapists available allowing you a wider range of massage solutions. Don’t settle for just nursing your injuries at your home or leaving it all to chance with synthetic medicines. Try out our reputed swedish massage services now and be amazed over the healing powers of deep tissue massage! Call us today (928) 212-8094!